Technology Company with an Ambitious Vision.

Bridging the gap between digital and physical retail commerce.

Rista Mobility is a technology products company with an ambitious vision to transform the way retail sales transactions are conducted between businesses and consumers. Legacy point of sale systems are business facing and does not engage customers in the sale process. On the other hand, increasing adoption of eCommerce and mobile technology by consumers demand for a seamless shopping experience across in-store, online and mobile channels, and other touch points. Our vision is to help retailers overcome the hurdles in bridging this “Omni-Channel Commerce Gap”.

Innovation creates value. At Rista, we build innovative solutions using latest technologies and apply to the legacy way of doing things with a goal to cause a fundamental change in behavior or interactions among the people involved. One such innovation is Rista Sales, our enterprise-grade mobile point of sale solution for all sizes and types of retail businesses. It helps retail businesses to meet their customers’ demand for seamless retailing experience across in-store, online and mobile channels.

Simplicity is essential. Our mobile first approach to the solutions we build keeps it simple and easy to use. At Rista, we design our products with the end user in mind. No matter how robust, sophisticated or expansive a product gets, we ensure that they are simple, intuitive and easy to use for all users.

Affordability is crucial. We believe the solutions we develop should be affordable for everyone who can benefit from them. Rista Sales is built for a large scale commercial use to make it affordable to retail businesses of all sizes. Moreover, we ensure that Rista Sales works on mobile devices to eliminate cost of expensive hardware and printers that legacy solutions require.