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Leave the legacy behind

Legacy point of sale solutions can’t keep up with the needs of today’s retailers. It comes with higher upfront costs, expensive hardware and software, ongoing costs of upgrades and support, and restricted local data access. Rista Sales is the new age point of sale solution that is built with latest technologies for today’s businesses and has numerous benefits over legacy systems, including zero upfront cost, operate on inexpensive mobile devices, automatic and free software upgrades, anytime and anywhere access to business data, and pay-as-you-go subscriptions.

Smart Inventory

Rista Sales is loaded with features for managing your inventory smartly in real-time at every outlet. To make sure you never run out of stock, the app alerts you for low-stock items based on their recent selling trends. You can create a purchase order for low stock items and send directly to your suppliers right from your mobile. You can record audits, check average cost of an item, make stock transfers between your outlets, check item level activity, and so much more with Rista Sales.

Interactive Analytics

Rista Sales is built with powerful and yet simple to use analytics to view overall sales, taxes, payments and related information. With a few taps, you can see the overall performance of your business, and at the same time lets you zoom-in to see the details of every transaction at every outlet of your enterprise. All of the information is displayed in a simple and actionable format right on your mobile device to help you make the informed business decisions. Furthermore, you can export your business data in a standard format to use it outside our system as needed.

Works seamlessly in online and offline modes

Just because your Internet connection is down, your sales should not be. That is why, Rista Sales continues to work in offline mode for days when your Internet connection goes down. The offline sales transactions are automatically synced when your Internet access is restored, so that you never miss a sale.

Go wireless in your store

Implementing a legacy POS solution and setting up PC-based hardware is time consuming and complex process. However, getting started with Rista Sales is a breeze and the entire process takes less than 30 minutes. Rista Sales POS is compatible with industry standard POS hardware, including receipt printers and barcode scanners. You can print receipts from your mobile devices on network or bluetooth receipt printers. You can pair a bluetooth barcode scanner with your mobile device and start scanning products for sale.

With one, get everything done

Running a retail business has many needs. A typical business solution only meets a specific need, requiring you to juggle multiple standalone solutions. For example, a separate solution for billing and inventory, another for receiving online orders and yet another one for customer engagement - a struggle to integrate them all. Rista Sales is built to solve this problem and offers a complete sales solution that has everything you need to run your business from billing, inventory, store management, online ordering to customer engagement.

Affordable and mobile

Eliminate cost, utilize space

Why should you pay for an expensive computers and monitors when you can use your mobile phone or a tablet as a POS device. Using a mobile device for checkout helps you best utilize the valuable space on the checkout counter for displaying your products and impressing your customers.

Subscription plans that fits your needs

You can now subscribe to Rista Sales, a world class enterprise-grade mobile point of sale solution on Cloud, at a price that fits your budget. Rista Sales is available under multiple subscription plans so that you can pick the plan that fits your needs today and can upgrade as you grow. Moreover, you can buy and renew subscriptions directly from your mobile devices at anytime, from anywhere.

Go ahead, use Rista Sales for free*.

Rista Sales makes selling easy and fun!

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