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What is Rista Sales?

Rista Sales is a mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution for retail businesses to perform sales transactions, print or send digital receipts to customers, track product inventory, manage business effectively with real-time analytics. It currently runs on Android mobile devices. All of the sales data is stored on our servers on the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

What type of businesses can use Rista Sales?

Rista Sales can be used by any retail product or service business that generates sales receipts or invoices for selling its products or services. Typical business that can use Rista Sales include retail stores, Food & Beverage shops, beauty and hair care salons, wholesalers and distributors, dry-cleaner, doctors and other professional services.

Which countries and currencies can use Rista Sales?

Rista Sales is a global retail sales solution, but available in English language only. It can be used in any country and record transactions in local currency (displays local currency symbol where available).

I already have a POS system, does it make sense for me to switch to Rista Sales?

Yes, absolutely, it makes all the sense. By switching to Rista Sales, you enjoy our premium product features at a low monthly fee. Rista Sales has no upfront setup fee, no special hardware requirement (can run on any android mobile device), and with Rista Receipts you can save money from printer and printing costs.

How do I sign up for Rista Sales?

From your mobile device (phone or tablet), go to, select Download Now button to go to the app store. Download the Rista Sales to your device, start the app and follow the instructions to register your business.

What information do I need to sign up?

All you need is the full legal name of your business, address of your business (no need to type, just locate it on built-in Google Map), and your contact information.

Do you require a credit card to sign up?

No, you can signup and start using our free license without adding any credit or debit card information. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase a license from within Rista Sales and pay with a major credit or debit card.

How do I contact Rista for support?

You can send us an email at for any technical or commercial questions, and we will respond to your questions via email.

What hardware is required to run Rista Sales?

Rista Sales runs on Android (version 4.2 and above) mobile devices, including on a smartphone, tablet or phablet. Just download Rista Sales from the Google Play store or by going to, register your business, setup your product catalog and start selling.

Does Rista Sales works on iOS (Apple) mobile devices?

Currently, Rista Sales runs only on Android based mobile devices, including on smartphones, tablets or phablets. Rista Sales for the iOS (Apple) devices will be released soon.

What size of tablet or phone do I need?

We recommend using Rista Sales on mobile devices with screen size of 4.5 inches or bigger.

Would I need a mobile data plan?

Data plan is only needed if and when you do not have Wi-Fi access. Rista Sales works just fine on 3G or 4G data connections.

What receipt printer do I need to print sales receipts from Rista Sales?

Rista Sales allows you to send digital receipts to your customers via email, SMS or through a Rista account (customer will require the free Rista app to access the receipts). However, if you prefer to give paper receipts, Rista Sales prints wirelessly on popular ethernet receipt printers available in the market, including printers from Epson, Star and TVS.

What method of payments can my customers use?

Rista Sales currently does not have an integrated payment system, so you can continue to use your existing payment system for the electronic payments from your customers and record it in Rista Sales. You can record all sorts of payment methods in Rista Sales, including cash, credit, debit and check.

Is there a setup fee?

No, there is no setup fee. All you will be paying is for the licenses you purchase.

Are there any additional fees besides license fee?

No, there are no setup or any other hidden fees. You only pay for the licenses you purchase.

How do I decide which license type is best suited for my business?

If your business has a single branch or outlet, you can purchase Sales Small or Sales Medium licenses. The Sales Small license is suitable for a business that requires only one license. The Sales Medium license allows you to purchase multiple licenses. If your business has multiple branches or outlets, you can purchase only Sales Enterprise license.

How do I decide how many licenses do I need for my business?

A business can register unlimited devices and users to Rista Sales irrespective of the number of licenses the business has purchased. However, number of users that can use Rista Sales at any given time is determined by the number of licenses you have. So if your business requires you to have two users using the application at the same time, you will need to purchase two licenses and so on.

Can I upgrade my licenses as my business grows?

Yes, you can. We have designed multiple license types to choose from depending on your current and future business needs, for example, growing from a single branch business to multi-branch business. You can purchase new licenses from within the Rista Sales account management section.

Why is annual payment plan cheaper than monthly payment plans?

In consideration of your commitment to use our services on annual basis and prepaying for these services, we reward you by offering a considerable discount under our annual plan.

What are the various methods of payment for purchasing Rista Sales licenses?

You can purchase or renew licenses within Rista Sales and make payment using any of the major credit or debit card. In India, payment by bank transfer option is available. Please follow the instructions provided at the time of purchasing licenses.

How do I purchase Rista Sales licenses for my business?

All licenses for your business are purchased from within Rista Sales right on your mobile device. Under Rista Sales Account section, you can manage all license related activities, including see current licenses, purchase new licenses, pay for purchase, get receipts and receive renewal invoices.

How long does it take to get licenses after purchase?

Licenses are purchased within Rista Sales. Upon payment is completed using a major credit or debit card, the purchased licenses will be automatically added to your account and available immediately for your use.

How do I renew my Rista Sales licenses?

On the first day of a month you will receive a renewal invoice in your account and an email reminding you to renew the licenses that are up for renewal. You can go to your account in Rista Sales and pay for the licenses up for renewal on your mobile device.

What is a Point of Order?

Point of Order (POO) is an ordering app used by servers/waiters at a restaurant or a sales representatives away from the business location to take only orders for their customers.

Do I need one of the Sales licenses to be able to use POO?

Yes, POO can only be purchased as an add-option and requires the business to have at least one license of any of the base Sales licenses. Orders created using POO licenses can be further processed for recording payments using any of the Sales licenses.

Why is the license fee for POO is lower than the license fee for a Sales license?

The Rista Sales license fees are priced with a goal to minimize the cost of using our solution and maximize the value created for businesses. The features available in POO is intended for order taking only and allows a business to purchase multiple licenses of POO while supported by a fewer number of Sales licenses. For example, a small restaurant business can purchase multiple POO licenses at a low price for its waiters and supported by only one Sales license. Similarly, a business with a large number sales representatives on the field taking orders at customer locations could buy a POO license for each sales representative and supported by a fewer number of Sales licenses for further processing of orders at its back office.

What businesses can benefit from POO?

Point of Order is a great app to bring efficiency to your sales process and can be used by any business requiring orders to be created away from the checkout counter or away from the business location. The businesses that could benefit from using POO, include but not limited to:

Hospitality and service industry
Businesses with sales teams on the field
Businesses sending price quotes with details before finalizing a sale
Businesses taking orders on the phone
Large retail and clothing stores

Who has access to my sales data?

The sales data generated using Rista Sales will be maintained on Rista servers, but accessed only by the registered users on the registered devices of your business. You keep full control on who can access or modify your business data by giving appropriate access to your users. For example, you can restrict a sales clerk to only use the product catalog and run sales transactions, but not modify the catalog or see sales reports. Similarly, allow only a select individuals to have full control on modifying the catalog, including changing prices, discounts or tax rates. With Rista Sales, you have the ultimate control on your business data.

What if I lose my mobile device, can someone use it to access my business account?

No, accessing your business account requires your username and PIN. We strongly recommend that you immediately deactivate the lost device from the Access module of your Rista Sales.

What happens after all my licenses to Rista Sales have expired?

As long as you have a valid license to Rista Sales, you will continue to have access to your account and your data. We will maintain your data for one month after all your licenses have expired to allow you to renew or buy a license to resume your access to your data. Thereafter, we will deactivate your account and you will not have access to your data.

Is my sales data transmitted safely over the Internet?

Yes, absolutely. All communication between the Rista apps you use on your mobile devices and our servers on the Cloud takes place on an encrypted link over a 128-bit secured layer, also referred to as HTTPS using SSL, and is certified by DigiCert. This allows all your sales data, including sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login credentials, is transmitted securely over the Internet to our servers.

What is Rista app for consumers?

The Rista app for consumer is a free mobile app for any buyer/shopper to maintain profile information, access orders and receipts from all businesses powered by Rista Sales, and much more to bring a convenient shopping experience with the retail businesses. The Rista app can be used by consumers for their personal purchases or by businesses for buying from their distributors and suppliers. Soon, using the Rista app, a consumer will be able to place orders and schedule appointments with the local businesses powered by Rista Sales.

Do I have to pay or provide credit card information to sign up or use Rista app?

No, you don’t have to pay anything or provide credit card information to sign up and use.

Can I see an order or invoice using my Rista app?

Yes, you get to see an itemized order created by the seller powered by Rista Sales for all the products and services provided to you while it is being created and the final bill after you make a payment.

Can I print my receipts?

Yes, from the Rista app you can forward a receipt to your registered email account and then you can open it to print or save as PDF like any other webpage.

What is Rista Receipts and how do I get it?

Rista Receipts are digital receipts that you receive when you make a purchase from a business powered by Rista Sales. You can ask the business to send you a Rista Receipt by email or SMS, which can be viewed conveniently on your mobile phone within seconds without requiring any software to download. For a more convenient shopping experience, you first download the Rista app on your mobile (a link to the app store is provided at the top of the Rista Receipt or you can find it at, register the app to get your own Rista account, and provide it (or your registered mobile/phone number) to the business at the time an order is created, so that you can see all updates to the order in real-time and before making payment. At every purchase you make at businesses powered by Rista Sales, by providing your Rista account or mobile number, you have the convenience of accessing your receipts forever via your Rista app.

Can I link all Rista Receipts I received via email or SMS to my Rista account?

Yes, certainly. From within your Rista app, select the option to Upload Bills and follow the directions to link all the bills you received via email or SMS to your Rista account. All the bills received to your registered email address in your Rista account will be automatically linked to your account. For the bills you received via your mobile number, you will have to provide a couple of information to verify your mobile number and then we will do the rest to link all your bills to your account.