A global mobile sales platform for retail businesses and consumers.

Join Rista to revolutionize the way sales transactions are performed.

Rista offers the most advanced mobile and cloud-based point of sale solution for retail businesses globally. It is designed and developed with latest database, application and mobile technologies, and is currently available on Android platform and soon will be available on iOS platform.

A global solution for local use
Rista Sales is downloadable from the app store on a mobile device for the use by businesses located anywhere in the world. Rista Sales is highly configurable to meet the local needs of the businesses, including use of a currency symbol, branch specific time zone, application of one or more tax structure to a product, listing of prices in catalog including or excluding taxes, and a detailed receipt format. Rista Sales licenses are available for purchase within the app and payment can be done using major credit cards as our payment gateway supports global transactions.

Business types
Rista Sales is suitable for any business or professional that performs retail sales transactions with the customers and sends sales receipts. Below are the few examples of the business types who can benefit from our sales solution.

  • Retail Products including Department stores, Grocery stores, Computer stores, Fashion boutiques, Toy stores, Software and Hardware stores etc.
  • Retail Services: Food and beverage, Health and Beauty, Catering, Fitness center, Home repair etc.
  • Retail enterprises following franchise business model.
  • Businesses that are resellers, suppliers and distributors and whose sales staff on the field.
  • Professional service providers including Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Designers, Consultants.

License plans
Rista Sales is built to support all sizes of businesses from small and medium businesses to large multi-store retail enterprises. The license plans are designed to match the current needs of the businesses, so that they only pay for the features and services they use, and upgrade the plans as they grow their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Rista reseller?

Any sales or consulting organization that sells software or related products or services to retail businesses is eligible to become a Rista reseller. We will review your credentials and if we find a mutual benefit, we will contact you for further discussions to become a Rista reseller.

How do I apply ?

Write to us through our contact us page with your organization credentials and contact information.

Is there a fee to become reseller?

No, there is no fee to become a Rista reseller.

What is expected of me?

Introduce Rista Sales to retail businesses who may benefit from our solution and pursue the leads until a sale is made. After the sale, we recommend you continue to maintain your relationship with the business and provide customer feedback to us.

Do I need to go through training?

A training is not required but we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the products and all of its features.

Are you going to add more products to your portfolio?

We are an innovative technology company and will continue to add new products and services to our portfolio. Rista is currently working on other products and a schedule is already in place to launch the next set of products to the global market. The new products and services we launch are immediately available to our resellers and will have the opportunity to sell more to their existing accounts.

We welcome resellers from around the world to represent us in their respective countries or cities.
If you are interested to join us, please feel free to contact us.