The Complete Restaurant Management Solution on Mobile and Cloud

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Restaurant management solution on mobile & Cloud

A complete and seamless restaurant management solution packed with advanced features to help you deliver a memorable dining experience. Our solution includes digital menu, waiter ordering app, kitchen display, table reservation app with table management system, customer feedback and much more. The best part is that all these products are seamlessly integrated and work like one unit.

POS solution for restaurant management

Rista Sales is a mobile and high performance POS solution that offers many benefits for a food service business. Fully packed with inventory and analytics features to manage your business. Built on mobile first approach, the entire solution is fully functional on phones and tablets. Send digital receipts or print wirelessly on bluetooth, wifi or ethernet printers.

Recipe management

Track ingredients, supplies and packaging material consumed for the dishes prepared via recipe management. Build recipe of finished or semi-finished product with simple taps right on the mobile device. Every time a sale is done, the supplies and ingredients used to prepare that product gets automatically adjusted in the inventory module.

Central kitchen management

Powerful central kitchen management solution for tracking food preparation and distribution. Transfer ingredients, semi or finished products which are either purchased or prepared in-house across various outlets from a central location. Manage and track inventory of transferred products as they are sold across outlets.

Table reservation app

With Rista Sales, you can give each of your outlet a mobile store-front. Having a mobile store-front, helps customer find nearby outlet, check availability and reserve a table. All reservation requests will be received on the POS of the specific outlet. The reservation confirmation can be sent to the customers by push notifications, emails or SMS.

Waiter ordering app

Waiter order app that is fully integrated with POS and kitchen display. Waiter can take orders on mobile phones or tablets at the table. All orders would be displayed immediately to the kitchen staff to get the dish preparation started.

Kitchen ticket display

All orders taken by servers will be displayed on tablets or phones in real-time to the kitchen staff with specific requests and table numbers. Built-in color coding scheme, helps food preparation in a timely manner. An automatic color change in the order display will alert chef on the lag time and delays in the food preparations. Server get the notification as the dish gets prepared so that customers can be served on time.

Digital menu and self ordering kiosk

Elevate customer experience at your restaurant by completely replacing your paper menus with digital menu. Describe each dish with beautiful pictures and description. Customers can place orders on tablets, which will be immediately available to servers and kitchen staff. If you are running a quick service restaurant, you can create a self-ordering kiosks for customers to speed the service and reduce wait time.

Customer feedback

Customize the feedback form with ratings system that is best suited for your business. Two ways you can get the feedback. You can offer tablets to customer to fill the feedback form. Or or you can send them a link by SMS on their mobile phones. A simple tap on the link will open an online form for providing feedback. Perform analysis on the customer’s feedback to improve service or incorporate suggestions.

Food ordering app

Rista offers a mobile app for each of your restaurant outlet at free of cost. This mobile app if fully integrated with the POS of your outlet. You can showcase your menu and receive online food orders and reservations request right on your POS. All orders are tentative, until further approval by you. them. Once approved, customer get the notification, copy of receipt and real-time status updates on delivery and dispatch.

Smart food delivery app

Rista delivery app can help you optimize your field delivery operations. Assign the orders to the field delivery staff based on the delivery locations. Orders going to the nearby delivery locations can be assigned to same delivery person to bring speed and efficiency. Delivery staff can see the customer's contact and find directions on built-in Google maps. Delivery staff can post the payment information and update the delivery status to inform both the back office and the customer.

Customer engagement & deals

Rista Market app connects you with your customers to serve them better while they are dining in the restaurant or getting food delivery. Restaurants can show specials or send notifications such as their table is ready. Furthermore, customers can see the menu, place order, provide feedback and receive receipts on their mobile phones.

Email marketing

Build your brand and keep your customers engaged by sending beautiful marketing emails with pictures and announcements. Send newsletters or promotional emails about specials, introduction of new dishes or send them invitations for special events at your restaurant.

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