Rista is the leading provider of new age restaurant management solution on Cloud. We provide full package of technology solution, consultation and support for your restaurant enterprise. Our customers typically see a growth in sales and reduction in cost within their first year. Join today the growing list of businesses that choose Rista as their technology partner.

In-store Restaurant Management

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In-store Restaurant Management

POS solution for restaurant management

Rista Sales is a mobile and high performance POS solution that offers many benefits for a food service business. Fully packed with inventory and analytics features to manage your business. Built on mobile first approach, the entire solution is fully functional on phones and tablets. Send digital receipts or print wirelessly on bluetooth, wifi or ethernet printers.

Franchise management

Sell products and materials to franchisees directly from Rista system. Maintain differential pricing for different group of franchisees or different geographical regions. Franchisees can raise indents and you can issue invoices for the purchased items. Automatic royalty calculations, tracking payments and receivable for your franchisee helps you organize the business.

Process based Inventory

Access real-time stock level of hundreds of outlets and make transfers from central warehouse. Set low-stock or out-of stock alerts based on the days-of- sales stock that you want to keep. System automatically calculates the exact stock quantity that you need based on the recent selling trend. Record audits, adjustment, shrinkage or just check perishable stocks that are going to expire soon.

Material Management

Track ingredients, supplies and packaging material consumed for the dishes prepared in accordance to the recipe defined. Powerful, yet easy to use recipe management of finished or semi-finished products. Every time a sale is done, the supplies and ingredients used gets automatically adjusted in the inventory module in real-time.

Food Costing & Recipe management

Powerful dynamic system to keep track of average cost of an item and supply in the inventory. It aggregates costs of materials and supplies to give you the real-time cost of producing an item on your menu. Keep the selling prices updated to ensure that you have desired margins maintained for every service rendered.

Production & Base Kitchen

Powerful central kitchen management solution for tracking food preparation and distribution. Transfer ingredients, semi or finished products which are either purchased or prepared in-house across various outlets from a central location. Manage and track inventory of transferred products as they are sold across outlets.

Purchase & Supply management

Create a centralized or outlet wise purchase management system for your business. Maintain items purchased from each supplier on negotiated prices. Create PO and send them by SMS, WhatsApp or email to external suppliers. Send a goods received notice (GRN) with automatic update of stock in inventory. Central group can also set in motion the manufacturing process for items that are prepared in- house. Make transfers easily and record any discrepancy in the requested and actual transferred quantities.

Warehouse and transfers

Powerful warehouse purchase and stock transfer management solution. Receive purchase request from your outlets, combine them to view total demand against in-house stocks. Make transfers to outlets as and when needed. System also helps you forecast the demand via our a.i procurement process.

Real-time analytics & enterprise reports

Rista Sales is built with powerful and yet simple to use analytics to view overall sales, taxes, payments, inventory and related information. With a few taps, you can see the performance of your business, and let you zoom-in to see the details of every transaction at every outlet of your enterprise. All of the information is displayed in a simple and actionable format right on your mobile device to help you make the informed business decisions.

Payment & digital wallets

With Rista, you can offer your customers the convenience to pay using their mobile phones. Rista supports all modes of online payments including credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, and popular digital wallets including PayTM, Phone Pe and Mobikwik.

Table reservation & seating management

A unified table booking system to record reservations from online sources, walk-ins and via phone calls. Smart capacity based reservation system that helps maximize revenue for your seating capacity. See real-time table availability and duration of occupancy to manage the guests waiting for table.

Waiter order taking

Waiter order app that is fully integrated with POS and kitchen display. Waiter can take orders on mobile phones or tablets at the table. All orders would be displayed immediately to the kitchen staff to get the dish preparation started.

Tablet menu

Elevate customer experience at your restaurant by completely replacing your paper menus with digital menu. Describe each dish with beautiful pictures and description. Customers can place orders on tablets, which will be immediately available to servers and kitchen staff for further processing.

Self-service Kiosk

Digital kiosks are a very powerful way to display your offerings with images and product details. If you are running a quick service restaurant, you can create a self-ordering kiosks for customers to speed the service and reduce wait time. Customers can punch orders, get receipts and make the payment to complete the sales process. The self-serve access kiosks help you reduce lines and bring speed to service and helps you grow sales.


All orders taken by servers will be displayed on tablets or phones in real-time to the kitchen staff with specific requests and table numbers. Built-in color coding scheme, helps food preparation in a timely manner. An automatic color change in the order display will alert chef on the elapsed time and delays in the food preparations. Server get the notification as the dish gets prepared so that customers can be served on time.

Online Sales & Inventory

Sell online

Rista Market offers you an easy-to-use and affordable technology solution to take your restaurant online. In just five minutes, you can transform your traditional restaurant business into a multi-channel food service business. Customer will be able to see your menu, view the deals and order food on on their phones or computers.

Online & aggregator order management

Two way integration with all popular food aggregators in India including Zomato, Swiggy and Foodpanda. The orders from these third parties will automatically get downloaded to the POS system for further processing. You can even manage the catalog for these aggregators via Rista system.

Unified inventory across offline & online sales

Rista links sales from various channels including online, and offline channels to a common inventory system. Whenever an order is received and accepted, system automatically deducts materials and supplies used in its preparation. This automated real-time inventory update, helps business maintain appropriate amount of supplied to avoid order cancellation due to stock unavailability.

Call Center ordering

Centralized food ordering management system via telephones. Operators on phone can take orders from customers and punch them in the system. Orders are transferred to the outlet in the closest proximity to the customer for quick and efficient delivery.

Manage delivery crew

Rista delivery app can help you optimize your field delivery operations. Assign the orders to the field delivery staff based on the delivery locations. Orders going to the nearby delivery locations can be assigned to same delivery person. Delivery staff can see the customer's contact and find directions on built-in Google maps. Delivery staff can post the payment information and update the delivery status to inform both the back office and the customer.

API for integration

Rista offers a comprehensive platform with powerful API to push and pull data from. It can be used to integrate third party platforms, including web and mobile apps, payment solutions or any other backend system that business might be using to manage their operations or accounts.

Marketing & CRM

Get new customers

Grow sales by introducing your brand to millions of customers. Offer coupons, deals or invite customers on special events or new store launches. Let them see your services, read customer feedback and make table reservations online.

Market your brand

With our deep understanding of customer’s buying behaviour and growing trends in F&B sector, we can help you establish your brand and grow sales. We will help you maximize returns on your marketing investment by reaching ideal segment of customers.

Customer feedback & response analytics

Understanding what your customers, helps you gain competitive advantage by increasing your service quality. With Rista, your customers can give you direct feedback using their smartphones. You can also offer them tablet terminals in your outlets to provide suggestions and share their experiences. Through our real-time data analysis, you will get the exact information that you need, when you need it. This way, you receive constructive suggestions in real-time and can stay informed about every shortcoming that can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Loyalty programs

Customer loyalty is the new currency, and the difference between two competitors could very well come down to who has a better loyalty program. Rista brings you the most powerful and yet easy to implement loyalty program. The best part is that our loyalty program is seamlessly integrated with your POS, eliminating any extra steps or widgets to implement it.

Customer Segmentation

Segment customers in optimized buckets according to meaningful attributes such as top spenders, or customers not made a visit in last month ets. Create best suited message and appropriate incentive for each segment to bring customers back in your restaurant. it.

SMS Marketing

With our fully integrated SMS marketing module, you can reach customers anytime, anywhere with powerful marketing campaigns. You can send them reminder for their reservations, invite them for special events or just send a coupon to celebrate their special events.

Deals and promotions

Offer discounts on slow days of the week or slow hours of the day to maximize operational efficiency & boost sales. You can create and send discounts coupons or inform customers on the ongoing sales. Our built-in intelligence helps you identify the best segment of customers for a specific deal to maximize ROI.

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