The Omni-channel Retail Sales Solution on Mobile and Cloud

Sell in Store and on Mobile

Complete retail management solution

A complete and seamless retail management solution packed with advanced features to sell on multiple channels to grow sales. Our solution includes mobile POS, smart inventory, interactive analytics, online store on mobile, customer engagement, API for to integrate web apps, delivery app and powerful brand building marketing tools. The best part is that all these products are seamlessly integrated and work like one unit.

New Age POS on mobile & Cloud

Rista Sales is the mobile POS so that you can run the checkout process anywhere in the store. On busy days, you can open new checkout counters to reduce customer wait time and cart abandonment. Provide shopping assistance to customers such as stock or color availability on the shopping floor. For out of stock items, check availability in the other outlets and place order for the item to be shipped to the customer.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory at every outlet and view real-time stock availability from anywhere. Set low-stock alerts for each item based on the selling trends. Transfer stock across outlets or from the central warehouse and add to inventory with a simple tap. Create purchase orders and send them to supplier by email or SMS. Record stock audits, average purchase cost, batch numbers and product expiration dates.

Analytics & Reports

Powerful, yet simple to understand analytics to keep updated on the performance of your business. View the overall sales, taxes, payments, inventory activity, customer purchase history and much more. Multi outlet businesses can view data from individual outlets or in a combined format across all outlets. Export data in the CSV format and can send it to your accountant.

A Mobile store-front for every outlets

Our unique platform offers you a mobile-front for every outlet. Customers can locate the nearby outlet and view catalog, prices, deals and make purchases using their mobile phones. Customer orders will be received by that particular outlet on their POS. Outlet owners can review and accept the orders. Customers can be notified about the order status by the push notifications. email or SMS.

Go omni-channel with Rista API

Most shoppers today are omni-channel shoppers. The winning strategy in this retail environment is to have a presence in both physical and online space. Rista offers a powerful API to integrate your sales channels such as your web and mobile app to your physical stores. Businesses powered by Rista can provide its customers a seamless shopping experience across all sales channels.

Enhance customer shopping experience

You can give an online shopping experience to your customers in your physical stores. Customers can view store catalog, price, product description, stock availability, product variants on their mobile phone. They can even locate unavailable products in other outlets and place order for pickup or delivery.

Offer online shopping in stores

Customer can use virtual carts and walk through store aisles, touch and feels products and add them to their virtual carts using their mobile phones. They can either pick up the products at the checkout counter or get them delivered to their homes.

Smart app for delivery crew

Rista delivery app can help you optimize your field delivery operations. Assign the orders to the field delivery staff based on the delivery locations. Orders going to nearby delivery locations can be assigned to same delivery person to bring speed and efficiency. Delivery staff can see the customer's contact and find directions on built-in Google maps. Delivery staff can post the payment information and update the delivery status to inform both the back office and the customer.

Targeted & location based deals

Connect with your customers and understand their shopping behaviour. Create targeted deals and marketing messages based on customers purchase history. Build location based deals so that customers can view them whenever they are in or near your business. Moreover, customer can view the deals, save them as favourites or execute them immediately while shopping in store or on mobile.

Email Marketing

Powerful and integrated email marketing tool to send beautiful marketing emails with product images to your customers. Send newsletters or emails about deals, new product introduction or special sale events at your store.

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