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Rista Market is a digital marketplace on a mobile platform, where any retail business can publish their catalog to sell its products and services directly to customers. The customers can make purchases on their mobile phones using the free Rista Market app. The businesses receive orders in real­time directly on their Rista Sales POS for processing.

Retail Stores

Offer your customers flexibility of shopping from anywhere.
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Restaurant Food Ordering

Never have a slow day, offer take-outs and delivery.
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Distributors and Wholesalers

Give your customers mobile ordering capabilities.
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Join the mobile commerce revolution

Mobile commerce (or m-commerce) is a form of e-commerce which is done using wireless mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile commerce is the fastest growing segment of the retail sector and 70% of the shoppers prefer to use their smart phones for shopping online. Today, for any retail business to succeed requires a mobile-friendly retail presence.

Rista Market offers you an advanced mobile commerce platform for your retail business. In just a few minutes, you can transform your business from a traditional retail store to a multi-channel mobile commerce business.

Offer omni-channel shopping

Today, most customers are omni-channel shoppers and prefer to buy from retailer offering such services. Retailers who fail to meet the expectation of a seamless, multi-channel, multi-device shopping experience will begin to see dips in engagement and overall customer satisfaction as customers find their way to retailers who are successfully connecting the dots.

Rista offers you an integrated mobile commerce platform to have your physical store available online and receive orders from your customers through mobile phones. So whether you are a small cafe or own a large retail store, now you can offer your customers the convenience of shopping from anywhere.

Deliver customer service and build loyalty

Retail landscape is getting crowded and highly competitive with the presence online retailers . To win in this environment requires to build a loyal customer base by providing customer service better than your competitors can deliver.

Through Rista Market, you can connect with your customers and offer them convenience of browsing your products and prices, making purchases through their phones, scheduling home delivery or in-store pickup, viewing progress on their orders and receiving digital receipts in their app. Through these exceptional services, you will serve your existing customers better and keep acquiring new ones.

Eliminate middlemen to grow profits

Customer acquisition is critical for every business. But it should not come at the cost of your profits and giving away a large chunk of your revenue to a middleman.

Rista Market is a marketplace with no middleman and connects you with a large number of consumers. At Rista Market, you can sell your products and services directly to the customers without giving away a large part of your hard earned money.

Don’t get left behind, go online and mobile

Having a mobile solution where your customers can view and shop your products using their phones is the most important thing you can do to grow your business today. Most technology savvy businesses want to have a mobile app connection with their customers.

However, building a well designed and functioning app is not only expensive but takes significant time and full time IT support. Moreover, marketing and convincing customers to download an app for a single business is next to impossible. Rista Market offers you a global mobile platform where you can provide your customers an immediate access to your products and also benefit from the growing consumer base on our platform.

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