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High performance sales and inventory management solution for businesses of all sizes and types. Offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers across all sales channel.

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The new age POS

Rista Sales is the new age point of sale (POS) solution on Cloud. It is built with the latest technologies using mobile-first approach for businesses to compete and thrive in this digital age of tech-savvy consumers. It is fully functional on all types of hardware including, phones, tablets, PC, POS terminal and supports all the popular OS platforms such as Android, Windows, OS X.

App and Cloud Solution

Rista sales is an enterprise App based ERP. It is optimized so that all the products and features can be used effectively on any size of mobile device including phones & tablets. It comes with simple and intuitive user interface that can be used with minimal training. It is deployed on Amazon’s highly scalable and available cloud infrastructure, and is fully integrated with many of the cloud services, including managed database services. It is designed to power large enterprises and is truly scalable and global for your growing business needs.

Multi-store enterprise management

Manage your chain of stores as one unit with a centralized catalog management, enterprise inventory processes connecting warehouse to outlets and view of combined sales and tax information. The centralized dashboard offers the view of sales, inventory, payments etc. of all outlets. Maintain a common customer database to effectively run loyalty and membership programs across your stores.

Powerful Offline functioning with auto-sync

Rista Sales has powerful offline functionality and can continue to work for months in offline mode. Whenever Rista Sales detects the loss of internet connection, it automatically gets into the offline mode. And as soon as the internet connections is restored, the offline sales transactions are automatically synced on the Cloud making sure that you never miss a transaction.

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