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The new age POS

Rista Sales is the new age point of sale (POS) solution on Cloud. It is built with the latest technologies using mobile-first approach for businesses to compete and thrive in this digital age of tech-savvy consumers. Rista Sales is available as both Android and Chrome app. It is fully functional on all types of hardware including, phones, tablets, PC, macbook, POS terminal and supports all the popular OS platforms such as Android, Windows, OS X.

App and Cloud Solution

Rista sales is built on mobile-first approach and entire ERP is packaged in one app. As an app solution, it is optimized for mobile devices so that all the products and features can be used effectively on any size of mobile device including phones & tablets. It also comes with simple and intuitive user interphase that is easy to navigate and can be used without any training. Rista Sales is a cloud solution that is deployed on Amazon’s highly scalable and available cloud infrastructure, and is fully integrated with many of the cloud services, including managed database services. It is designed to power large enterprises and is truly scalable and global for your growing business needs.

Multi-store & franchise management

Keep tabs on all your stores from a mobile device anytime, from anywhere. Manage your chain of stores as one unit with a central catalog, detailed inventory, transfer stock across stores and view combined sales and tax information. Maintain a common customer data to effectively run loyalty and membership programs across your stores. Manage all your resources and control their access easily across your stores.

Powerful Offline functioning with auto-sync

Just because your Internet connection is down, your sales should not be. That is why, Rista Sales has powerful offline functionality and can continue to work for months in offline mode. Whenever Rista Sales detects the loss of internet connection, it automatically gets into the offline mode. And as soon as the internet connections is restored, the offline sales transactions are automatically synced on the Cloud making sure that you never miss a transaction.

Inventory & material management

Access real-time stock level of hundreds of outlets and make transfers from central warehouse. Set low-stock or out-of stock alerts based on the days-of- sales stock that you want to keep. System automatically calculates the exact stock quantity that you need based on the recent selling trend. Record audits, adjustment, shrinkage or just check perishable stocks that are going to expire soon. Powerful yet easy to use material management system helps you keep track of ingredients, semi-prepared products and packaging material used to render a service in restaurants and salons. Use interconvertible measuring units for storage and consumption purposes. Every time a sale is done, the supplies and ingredients used to prepare that product gets automatically adjusted in the inventory module.

Purchase & supply management

Run a central purchasing or manufacturing system for your enterprise. Outlets can send requests for the items that they need or running low in stock. Central purchase can access all requests and combine them to create a purchase orders that can be sent by SMS, WhatsApp or email to external suppliers. Send a goods received notice (GRN) to supplier when goods are received with automatic addition to existing inventory. Central group can also set in motion the manufacturing process for items that are prepared in- house. Make transfers easily and record any discrepancy in the requested and actual transferred quantities.

Real-time analytics & reports

Rista Sales is built with powerful and yet simple to use analytics to view overall sales, taxes, payments, inventory and related information. With a few taps, you can see the overall performance of your business, and let you zoom-in to see the details of every transaction at every outlet of your enterprise. All of the information is displayed in a simple and actionable format right on your mobile device to help you make the informed business decisions. Furthermore, you can export your business data in a standard format to use it outside our system as needed.

Online store for your business

Grow your sales and expand your customer reach by opening an online store for each outlet of your business on Rista Market. Rista Market is a mobile marketplace of businesses for consumers to shop online at their local stores. At Rista Market, a business can publish its catalog with products image, details, promotions and deals for its customers to browse and shop. Orders from customers are received directly in the POS of the specific store of the business eliminating any middleman and bringing speed to the sales process. Moreover, in- store and online sales are in complete sync with the business inventory, making multichannel selling a breeze.

Customer relationship & analytics

Customers connection is an absolute must for a business in an increasingly crowded retail environment. Studies suggest that customers inclined to spend more money with businesses that constantly stay in touch and build a relationship with them. Rista Market helps you build your customer base and keeps you connected with them via Rista Market, free app for your customers. Moreover, it helps you attract new customers by showcasing your product and services to all Rista Market users.

Customer app

Stay connected with your customers with a free all-in- one convenience app. Rista Market is a free app for customers to shop for their everyday needs directly from the retail stores, salons and other service providers that they trust in their neighborhoods. Businesses powered by Rista can offer online shopping, send digital receipts, delivery and reservation updates to their customers by mobile app.

Mobile & Digital Wallets

With Rista, you can offer your customers the convenience to pay using their mobile phones. Rista supports all modes of online payments: credit/ debit cards, netbanking, UPI, and popular digital wallets.

Digital menu

Elevate customer experience at your restaurant by completely replacing your paper menus with digital menu. Describe each dish with beautiful pictures and description. Customers can place orders on tablets, which will be immediately available to servers and kitchen staff. If you are running a quick service restaurant, you can create a self-ordering kiosks for customers to speed the service and reduce wait time.


With our digital kiosk offering, restaurants can setup the kiosk terminals for customers to view menu and place orders. Digital kiosks are a very powerful way to display your offerings with images and other details. Availability of products and updates in price can be done within seconds and automatically reflects on the kiosks.The self-serve access kiosks help you reduce lines and bring speed to service and helps you grow sales.

Kitchen display

All orders taken by servers will be displayed on tablets or phones in real-time to the kitchen staff with specific requests and table numbers. Built-in color coding scheme, helps food preparation in a timely manner. An automatic color change in the order display will alert chef on the lag time and delays in the food preparations. Server get the notification as the dish gets prepared so that customers can be served on time.

Delivery app

Rista delivery app can help you optimize your field delivery operations. Assign the orders to the field delivery staff based on the delivery locations. Orders going to the nearby delivery locations can be assigned to same delivery person to bring speed and efficiency. Delivery staff can see the customer's contact and find directions on built-in Google maps. Delivery staff can post the payment information and update the delivery status to inform both the back office and the customer.

Pre-paid & gift Cards

Open pre-paid accounts for your customer for quick and cashless transactions. Customer will receive a virtual card by email or SMS that they can use to make the payment at the time of sale. Virtual cards also provide customers an access to their real-time statement showing purchase history, digital receipts and the remaining balance.

Feedback & response analytics

Customize the feedback form with ratings system that is best suited for your business. Two ways you can get the feedback. You can offer tablets to customer to fill the feedback form. Or or you can send them a link by SMS on their mobile phones. A simple tap on the link will open an online form for providing feedback. Perform analysis on the customer’s feedback to improve service or incorporate suggestions.

Membership & loyalty program

Create a central membership programs for your enterprise which can be implemented at all outlets. As a customer become member, you can tag them with membership number. Whenever a member avail services at one of your outlet, you can verify the membership status and apply discounts accordingly.

Deals and Marketing

Connect with your customers and understand their shopping behavior. Create targeted deals and marketing messages based on customers purchase history. Build location based deals so that customers can view them whenever they are in or near your business. Moreover, customer can view the deals, save them as favorites or execute them immediately while shopping in store or on mobile. Powerful and integrated email marketing tool to send beautiful marketing emails with product images to your customers. Send newsletters or emails about deals, new product introduction or special sale events at your store.


Customers can use their mobile to book appointments at your salon anytime of the day, from anywhere. Customers can locate nearby salon centers, view the services offered, pick a stylist and make the appointment using their mobile phones. Business have option to review the appointment request and send confirmation or reminders to customers by mobile push notification or SMS.One point calendar for managing all appointments made via mobile app, phone or walk-ins. Review the stylists daily schedule and assign them the appointments based on their availability. Being on cloud will keep your appointment calendar for each stylist up to date avoiding any overbooking.

Table reservations

With Rista Sales, you can give each of your outlet a mobile store-front. Having a mobile store- front, helps customer find nearby outlet, check availability and reserve a table. All reservation requests will be received on the POS of the specific outlet. The reservation confirmation can be sent to the customers by push notifications, emails or SMS.

API for integration

Most shoppers today like to shop at physical and online stores. The winning strategy in this retail environment is for businesses to have a presence in both physical and online spaces. However, managing multi-channel selling can be cumbersome. Rista offers a comprehensive platform with powerful API to integrate your existing sales channels, including your web and mobile apps, and physical store transactions. Businesses powered by Rista can provide a seamless shopping experience to its customers and manage multi-channel selling effortlessly.

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